3 WAYS YOU CAN ELEVATE Your Morning of Self-Care at Home

Posted by Olivia Halle on

Set aside a slow morning for yourself. 

No rush, just time for you.

You don’t need to leave your home to give yourself a whole nourishing experience.


Start with fresh air, find the new morning sunshine. Get comfy with your beverage of choice (coffee for us please). Nourish beginning from the top of your head, massaging in a hair mask. 

TRY: ‘COMB’ Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil 


Move to your face, feeling where you are holding tension, maybe in your brows and jaw. Softly massage to release.

TRY: Gua Sha, take a look at our ‘How To’ guide below


And finally down to our often overlooked calves and feet. Take some warm water in a bowl or bucket and a washer. Leave your feet to soak while in a circular motion wash/massage down from the knees to ankles for a calming cleanse.

TRY: Nue Coffee Exfoliant Bar

HOW TO: Gua Sha

Prepare the skin so the stone glides over surface without pulling on skin too much. We recommend prepping with the Venus Mist & Soothe or Protect Oil. 

Hold the stone flat against skin at a 10-15 degree angle 

Do not press too hard (during facial use) - using the Gua Sha board should be relaxing. Some tender spots will arise where muscles are extra tense. Go easy. 

Start by practicing on your inner forearm, the stone should glide across skin & leave a the area slightly pink 

Go slow & take deep breaths with each stroke 

For facial use work in upward strokes, hold the skin taught with one hand - acting as an 'anchor' and slowly glide the tool up to muscle attachments. At the end of each stroke wiggle & apply a firmer pressure on muscle attachment

Work in an order that suits you, as a rule of thumb always do the neck before the face working in either upward or downward strokes & then move onto the chin, outer jaws, the eye area & eyebrows and finally from the eyebrows to the forehead into the hairline. 

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