Brass Lighter

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100% brass pocket sized lighter to accompany daily rituals, lighting incense, candles etc. Made in Japan by Tsubota Pearl. 

Available in square or round

 Perfect pair: Incense & Burner 

Dimensions: length 8cm 

Please note: lighters are shipped without fluid. Lighter fluid will need to be purchased in order for lighter to work. They're available online here, at cigarette/tobacco shops or at service stations. 

To Fill

Unscrew bottom & squeeze lighter fluid into wool. Continue to top up until full - wait between filling as the wool will absorb fluid. Wash hands & lighter if any excess leaks. Refill video here. 

Lighter Maintenance & Care

Make sure the red dot is visible - this is the safety switch. Push down the flint on the free edge not on the side where the wick is.

The wick extends into the lighter and there is around the same length in there as the height of the lighter, which can be pulled out. 
Since the wick is a consumable item, its length will get shorter with use. So it would be necessary to maintain the 3mm length of the exposed/visible wick as the lighter gets used. This can be done with pliers (pulling out the wick and snipping the frayed/blacked portion with large nail clippers). 

Also, because if the lighter lacks sufficient lighter fluid, the wick itself will burn instead of the oil & can make the lighter fail to light. Therefore, please make sure there is adequate lighter fluid to avoid the wick burning.