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Anointing Oil

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For radiant, luminous skin. 

An all over body oil infused the 'slow way' with the sunshine plant- Calendula to ensure maximum therapeutic benefits. This oil urges us to slow down for a few moments & to reconnect with ourselves through self massage.

Packed with skin loving constituents such as beta-carotene, vitamin E, xanthophyll, squalene & omega 3, 6, 7 & 9. Daily use of this oil will help to promote skin elasticity & tone. The blend of oils chosen have low comedogenic factors and closely resemble human sebum, meaning you won't be left with a heavy, oily feeling.

Calendula is renowned for its ability to heal cuts, bruises, bug bites, stretch marks, burns, rashes & even the driest of skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory agents & ability to stimulate cell turnover.

Astrologically Calendula is ruled by the Sun, it warms us from the inside out, stimulates our lymphatic system and spreads sunshine on a gloomy day. Sunshine in a bottle.

Some sedimentation may occur, mix in the good stuff by gently rolling bottle. 

Suitable for all ages & life stages. 



Calendula* & Arnica* infused Sunflower*, Macadamia* & Sunflower Oil*, essential oils of Frankincense*, Vetiver* & Bergamot, Tocopherol (vitamin E)
*certified organic & cold pressed


Application methods

Before showering: apply to entire body, leave for 20 minutes. 

After showering: use your hands to 'squeegee' off any water. With damp skin apply oil to body moving in upward stroked towards the heart. Starting at the feet and ending at the neck. Pat dry with towel.

No showering: apply straight to skin & allow 20 minutes for oil to absorb.

Add a few pumps to the bath, wipe out after bath is empty as it get slippery 

For a truly luxurious experience, heat oil on very low heat over a double boiler and apply to body. 

Patch test before use, discontinue immediately if irritation occurs.



Oils can oxidise in light & heat- store in a cool, dark place



250mL amber glass bottle with serum pump  

In an effort to reduce plastic waste- we encourage you to repurpose or remove label & recycle bottle 

Refillable instore