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Perfume: Connection

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Live sensually. 


A scent for you to connect with yourself or with a special other.


Essentials oils work as aphrodisiacs in a number of ways- through emotions, elevating our conscious thoughts & reactions, activating memories, influencing our sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system & prompting hormone/ pheromones. The oils in this scent have the ability to open, centre & entice us, break through barriers of self doubt & banish feelings of inadequacy.

Be supported, reassured & delighted by this special scent.



roll on to wrists, behind the ears, temples or pulse points as needed. 

Oils can deteriorate in light, store upright in a cool dark place.

Patch test before use. 
Organic jojoba seed oil. Cold pressed. Australia.  
Black pepper essential oil. Steam distilled. India. 
Jasmine grandiflorum. Steam distilled. India. 
Vetiver. Steam distilled. Indonesia. 
Ylang Ylang.  Steam distilled. Indonesia. 
Geranium. Steam distilled. Egypt. 
12mL glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball 
Store in a cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight as oils can go rancid. 


Considered safe after the second trimester of pregnancy.                          

Although this product has therapeutic qualities, it is not intended to treat, cure or heal any medical conditions. Please seek advice from a qualified health practitioner.