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Venus Mist

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Essential hydration. 

Hydrosols or floral waters occur as a by-product of essential oil distillation. During essential oil distillation, steam is passed through plant matter. Essential oils are lighter and float on the top, the other half is the floral water. Hydrosols are special because they still contain the essence of a plant like essential oils do- but at a much lower dose, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Can be used in conjunction with Reusable Makeup Rounds. 

To produce a high quality hydrosol, some extra care is needed. Our chamomile & rose hydrosols are manufactured primarily for the hydrosol (not the essential oil) meaning they have been heated at a lower temperature and for a longer periods to ensure plants vitality remains intact- they are the equivalent of a superfood in the hydrosol world! 

This mist will help to maintain the skins pH, control oil production, provide essential hydration and reduce redness. Additionally, colloidal copper can help to stimulate the cellular matrix, meaning increased skin elasticity, wound healing & reduced fine lines.

The ultimate companion for long distance travel, time spent in air conditioning or stressed skin that needs soothing. Also a great emergency deodorant, make-up remover & hair mist to wrangle loose strands. Formulated with low dose of essential oils to avoid conflict with sensitive skin.


Shake well & mist over face as needed. Alternatively spray onto a cotton ball and gently wipe over face. Store in fridge for extra soothing benefits. 

If irritation occurs discontinue 


Rose Hydrosol*,Neroli Hydrosol*,  Lavender Hydrosol*, Aloe Vera Juice*, Colloidal Copper, Witcha Hazel Extract (low alcohol formulation)*, Radish Root Filtrate, Neroli Absolute,  Rose Geranium Essential Oil. 
*Certified Organic


100mL glass amber bottle with fine mist atomiser 

Refillable in store

12 month shelf life