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Perfume: Feminine

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A unisex perfume to help reconnect with the feminine side; representing creativity, intuition, confidence, love, passion, empathy and strength. The scent has an initial fresh and slightly citrus scent which is balanced by spicy, earthy notes. If you're a fan of patchouli, this scent is for you. Wear and wait for for the compliments. 

Directions: roll on to wrists, behind the ears, temples or pulse points as needed. Oils can deteriorate in light, store upright in a cool dark place. Patch test before use.



Organic jojoba oil. Cold Pressed. Australia.

Patchouli essential oil. Steam distilled. India.

Petitgrain essential oil. Steam distilled. Spain.

Black pepper essential oil. Steam distilled. India.

Rosalina (lavender tea tree) essential oil. Steam distilled. Australia.

Geranium bourbon essential oil. Steam distilled. Egypt.



12mL glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball 


This product is considered safe during pregnancy. 

Although this product has therapeutic qualities, it is not intended to treat, cure or heal any medical conditions. Please seek advice from a qualified health practitioner.