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Open image in slideshow, Chocolate Block
Loco Love

Chocolate Block

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IMAGINE - caramel with lion’s mane 

A delicious blend of melt-in-your-mouth caramel, white chocolate and coconut, blessed with Lion’s Mane for neural nourishment. Let your nourished mind enjoy the flight of imagination. Break off a few squares of magic, and take the feeling with you wherever you go.A little note from us.. This is a new version of Imagine, which does not contain cookies. The image shows cookies and the side of the packaging will say cookies, but it's definitely caramel and coconut.


cacao butter, evaporated coconut blossom nectar, coconut milk, almond meal, maple syrup, cacao powder, uncontaminated wheat free oats, tahini, lion’s mane extract, vanilla extract, caramel essence, baking soda & Australian sea salt

Contains nuts. All ingredients organic unless otherwise *noted


NIRVANA - milk/ dark chocolate 

An irresistibly smooth blend of 66% Peruvian cacao, sweetened with coconut blossom nectar, and enhanced with tonic herbs. Mystical experiences can find you in unexpected moments. Let this heavenly chocolate transport you back to the present, where those who surrender may be fortunate enough to experience Nirvana.


cacao liquor, evaporated coconut blossom nectar, cacao butter, reishi extract, chaga extract, cordyceps extract, lion’s mane extract, maitake extract, he shou wu extract, sunflower lecithin

May contain traces of nuts

All ingredients organic unless otherwise* noted