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Loco Love

Holy Cacao

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Cacao &  medicinal mushroom blend.

A holy union of natures most revered tonic herbs and superfoods.

How To Enjoy:

Add 2 teaspoons to 200ml of hot milk in a blender, add sweetener of choice & blend on high.

Sprinkle on ice cream, stir into coffees, or spike your muffins, brownies, granola, or bliss balls to awaken total vitality.

Potential Benifits:

Increased energy, mental focus, mood improvements, general enhancement of well being & vitality, with a focus on strengthening the immune and nervous system.


28.5% Active Mushrooms, raw peruvian cocao powder, loco love chocolate shavings (cocao paste, cocao butter, coconut sugar), reishi mushroom (fruiting body) beta-d-glucans 35%, Cordyceps mushrooms (fruiting body) 35% bet-d-glucans, chaga mushrooms (sclerotium) beta-d-glucans 8%, lion's mane (fruiting body) beta-d-glucans 25%, maitake mushrooms (fruiting body) beta-d-glucans 35%, organic stevia powder.